Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What I learned today in Activstudio

I learned how to create a flip chart using containers. I learned how to embed a www.unitedstreaming.com video inside of one of the containers. I learned how to make a large container accept and reject smaller containers. I learned how to type questions and hide answers that will pop up on demand. This can be used in ANY classroom, most subjects, anytime. I envision tests being made, then students grading their own papers immediately. OR...tests being taken, teacher-graded, then handed back for re-teaching and retesting immediately. Because I am an administrator, I have already started a team teaching flip chart for use at the Opening In-service in my school. If I use this tool in Professional Development, then I will know how to encourage other faculty members in my school to also use this tool.

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neptunetide said...

I think using the flipchart during the beginning of the year presentations is a wonderful idea. Because you'll know how to use A.S., your teachers will defiently be more willing to use it...and it will defiently enliven the presentations!